Alon Town Centre’s retail space is designed in a true urban village setting:

Retail Leasing

Alon Town Centre: Retail

Echoing Fulcrum Property’s success stories at Stone Oak Plaza, Ventura Plaza, and The Strand at Huebner Oaks, Alon Town Centre offers retailers a complete package of attractive options, backed by Fulcrum’s professional and attentive mall maintenance and property management. Prime storefront locations, abundant convenient parking and outstanding common area amenities are just a few of the many outstanding features available to retailers:

  • 11 foot glass storefronts
  • Prominent sign band
  • Expanded sidewalks and attractively landscaped seating areas
  • Pedestrian walkway into surrounding residential neighborhood
  • Abundant customer parking
  • Rear parking for tenants and employees
  • Conveniently located ATMs and public restrooms for shoppers

First Floor Leasing Plan

Second Floor Leasing Plan
First Floor Leasing Plan Second Floor Leasing Plan

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